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About Us

              Con·scious King·dom
               Where Culture & Consciousness Combine

  A lifestyle brand inspired by the exuberance of the African Diaspora! We offer culture inspired clothing, accessories and home decor for your everyday needs! We host events to promote social engagement and highlight black owned businesses. We are available for mentoring opportunities, vending, public speaking, photo/video shoot styling, apparel rental and more! We have a strong social media following on Instagram and Facebook as well as a YouTube Network and a podcast/live video stream show! 

Founded in 2015, Conscious Kingdom creates an outlet to bridge the gap between spiritual, social consciousness and today's current society.

Our products promote spirituality and the elevation of the internal vibration. We also promote love and respect of Kemetic & traditional African symbolism while thriving in the current trends we all know and love today.

Conscious Kingdom's purpose is to restore the sense of community and cohesion amongst our people and promote knowledge of self, true history and pride in culture.

Hip Hop & Healing.
Black Pride & Black Power.
Spiritual Consciousness & Black Culture.

  Welcome To the Kingdom!