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36" length and 46" wide with two fabric straps. You wrap this skirt to adjust to adhere to your figure

Image of Blazing (Multiple Print Options)
Blazing (Multiple Print Options)
Image of Tigress 2 Piece Set
Tigress 2 Piece Set
Image of Kontessia Gown
Kontessia Gown
Image of Onyeka Kimono
Onyeka Kimono
Image of Melanin Top
On sale
Melanin Top
Image of Kente Wrap Skirt
Kente Wrap Skirt
Image of Sheena Blue Kente Wrap Skirt
Sheena Blue Kente Wrap Skirt
Image of Traditional Black Leggings
Traditional Black Leggings
Image of Erica Dashiki Kimono
Erica Dashiki Kimono
Image of Seti Sarong
Seti Sarong
Image of Culture Kente Dashiki- Green
Culture Kente Dashiki- Green
Image of Love Dashiki
Love Dashiki
Image of Culture Kente Dashiki - Red
Culture Kente Dashiki - Red
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