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Smudge Spiritual Set


Smudge Starter Kit includes the following:

♥ Abalone Shell harvested from regulated waters, Gorgeous colors of purple, blue & green!
♥ Wooden Cobra Artisan's Display Stand
♥ California White Sage Stick 4"-5," Thickly hand wrapped with freshly dried sage leaves!
♥ Palo Santo Holy Wood Stick 4" from Peru, hand cut by villagers from fallen trees only!
♥ Box HEM Sage Incense Cones
♥ Traditional Turkey Smudge Feather
♥ Chakra Natural Gemstones and Lava Stone Oil Diffuser Bracelet (unisex)
♥ Raw Rose Quartz Love Crystal
♥ Shaman Sage Leaf Storage Bag
♥ Instructions and Smudge Prayer Guidance Gift Card, complete & easy to follow

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